Teaching Values

We have a set of teaching values that inspire and inform the education at Maida Vale School. These values are supported with regular staff training and evaluation.

Individual Attention

  • We maintain the highest standard of pastoral care for all our students as they progress through the school.
  • Small class sizes that do not usually rise above 22
  • Each child is assigned a personal tutor on arrival
  • We encourage staff-parent input and student collaboration

Insightful Selection

Intelligence is not the only measure of potential; we look for creative, inquiring minds with interests and passions. Each year a cast of children with diverse strengths join us to inspire and support one other.

  • Interviews with the Head and teaching staff in groups of two or three are held in the autumn
  • Potential pupils are asked at the interview to talk about a personal interest, passion or hobby
  • Current school references are used to provide a rounded perspective

Innovative Learning

We offer a wide range of subjects, excellent facilities, and a longer lesson time. All of which are designed to optimise each student’s learning.

  • 90 minute lessons for learning, reflection and consolidation and 3 year GCSE courses
  • Offering a diverse range of subjects to choose from – GCSEs, A Levels and BTECs
  • Combination of the latest technology and thinking in education

Inviting Openness

Parents are welcome to all events and have their very own Parent Café. Our ‘open-door’ policy makes us a social hub for our pupils, parents and staff.

  • Dedicated café for our parents to visit for a chat, teacher catch up or a coffee
  • Regular social activities, concerts, talks and drinks
  • Supporting events at Queen’s Park, fund raising for North Paddington Food Bank

Independent Thinking

The school promotes independent creativity inside and outside the curriculum.

  • Encourage students to challenge ideas
  • Ask for creative solutions to problems
  • Develop active and dynamic critical thinking