At Maida Vale School we aim to improve the sporting skills of our students but also to encourage a love of sport and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Sport at Maida Vale School plays a pivotal role in the physical and emotional development of its pupils. Whether it is through the core physical education curriculum, extra-curricular activities or the games fixture programme, all pupils have access to a wide range of sporting disciplines to engage in and enjoy. We value the importance of inclusivity, opportunity and choice to ensure participation is maximised across all ability levels. All pupils are given the opportunity to represent the school in their chosen games option and A teams are entered into national competitions and events.

We support those pupils who aspire to compete at the highest level, whilst offering opportunity and encouragement to those pupils who are simply wanting to enjoy their sport and physical activity.

The school has facilities for fencing, strength and conditioning and skills sessions for all of our major sports. We are also fortunate to be situated in a convenient location for access to a number of nearby sports grounds and facilities including Moberly and Willesden Sports Centres, Paddington Recreation Ground and Regent’s Park.

We encourage students not only to play competitively and acquire new skills but also to view exercise as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to our regular sports programme, we are always looking out for new and interesting activities for our pupils, helping them give many sports a go, to discover the ones that resonate with their interests and preferences.

Sport is played every day and coaching covers competitive team sports including athletics, football, hockey, netball, and rugby. Teams participate in regular matches against local schools and clubs, providing valuable opportunities for teamwork, skill refinement under pressure and a bit of healthy competition.

Location of our Sport Facilities

Our location means we have convenient access to excellent sports facilities, reachable via a short bus ride or walk. The Paddington Recreation Ground, just a five-minute walk away, serves as the primary venue for hockey matches. The Willesden Leisure Centre offers ideal indoor facilities for netball, badminton, and basketball, while Regent’s Park provides outstanding pitches for rugby matches.

Further afield, the Wood Lane Sports Ground, accessible with a 15-minute bus journey, serves as the battleground for numerous netball and football matches.

Strategic use of our local and diverse sports facilities allows us to deliver a comprehensive and engaging sports programme, ensuring that our students have access to a variety of sporting experiences.

Extra Curricular Sport

We value choice and opportunity when it comes to sport. For the natural athlete picking up most sports comes naturally but for some the challenge is harder. This is when choice becomes important. At Maida Vale School our location in central west London means that we have on our doorstep a range of local facilities that can cater for more interesting, non standard, sports.

Below is a list of some of the sports we have facilitated for our students. We are always open to suggestions and the list below is only limited by request rather than imagination.

Boxing Badminton Canoeing/Kayaking
Slalom Cycling Dance
Diving Golf Gymnastics
Rock Climbing Sculling Snowboarding
Table Tennis Trampolining Fencing


Sample of Weekday Sports Clubs and Activities

Combat Karate – All Years
Learn new skills or improve on your karate ability with an external coach

Rugby Skills – All Years
Practice your skills and plays small sided games.

Basketball Club, All Years
Practice your skills and plays small sided games.

Running Club, All Years Paddington Rec (pupils dismissed from Pad Rec) Improve fitness, train for a XC race or boost serotonin levels

Hockey Skills, All Years MUGA Practice your skills and play small sided games

Badminton & Volleyball Club, All Years Jubilee Community Centre, W10 4NW pupils dismissed from the Jubilee Community Centre. Refine skills or learn a new sport from our resident experts

Fitness, All Years Theatre Improve fitness levels and start the day with a serotonin boost