More Able and Talented

We are committed to providing the best outcomes academically and personally for all our students at Maida Vale School. We see each child as an individual with their own unique strengths, interests and talents. However, some of our students will have abilities and talents that stand out from their cohort. At Maida Vale School we identify these students and invite them to join our ‘More Able and Talented Programme’ where they are supported and challenged to fulfil their potential.


The term ‘More Able and Talented’ is an educational standard term used to recognise and celebrate students in our community who are achieving or have the potential to achieve in advance of their peers in multiple subjects (more able); or students who are achieving and have the potential to achieve in advance of their peers’ music, sport, and creative arts (talented).


  • Standardised assessments
  • Internal and external assessments
  • Teacher referrals
  • Nominations from coaches, music teachers etc.


  • Teaching ‘to the top’ by providing challenge and maintaining high expectations during every lesson
  • A diverse range of extra-curricular activities to allow pupils to explore and develop passions in their subjects
  • Nominating students for participation in regional and national competitions and workshops
  • Competing and representing the school in national and international sports events
  • Monitoring and support by subject teachers, personal tutors and the Assistant Head Academic throughout the academic year

Examples of additional More Able and Talented provision

  • Year 7-9 are invited to Bright Thinkers club
  • Preparing and performing TED talks
  • Attending the International Senior Stretch UK day
  • UK mathematic challenge at both intermediate and senior level
  • Performing in the school production
  • Competing at the ISA sports events
  • Performing at the musical recital

For more details, please read our More Able and Talented policy. 


If you would like to know more about Maida Vale School’s More Able and Talented Programme or have a child with a talent or ability that you think would benefit from a more focused and supported approach please contact our Assistant Head Academic: Ms Alex Maughan

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