We are very pleased to be able to celebrate the achievements of our first ever GCSE cohort, many of whom started at the school when we opened in September 2020 and battled their way through COVID and remote learning.

In this summer’s GCSE results, 90% achieved Grades 4-9 in English, and 75% Grades 4-9 in Maths, with a combined percentage of 83% Grades 4-9 in these two core subjects. Furthermore, 36% of Grades across all subjects were 7-9, with 84% of all Grades 4-9.

An important indicator of the success of our pupils is The Value-Added scores that each of them achieved. This is the difference between their predicted grade based on national benchmarking testing data, and their actual grade. For this group of students, these were substantial, with Art showing a difference of 2.6, Modern Languages and Music at 2.1 and History at 1.8 leading the way.

Well done to the Maida Vale School GCSE Class of 2023 for achieving these impressive results.

Academic Profile

We are a new and growing school who are ambitious for our students. The chart below demonstrates the improvement year-on-year of the academic profile of students joining us in Year 7 at 11+. We will continue to recruit academically able children who will engage with our curriculum and will benefit from our balanced approach to education – we are a greenhouse not a hothouse.