Entry at 11+

The Maida Vale School admission process for entry at 11+ aims to identify inquisitive, intelligent pupils who will enjoy and engage with all the school has to offer them.

Each year we strive to select a balanced mix of boys and girls with different strengths and personal qualities who will support, motivate and inspire one another throughout their time at the school. Our Admissions Registrar is the first point of contact when considering Maida Vale School for your child. They can be contacted by telephone 020 4511 600 or email admissions@maidavaleschool.com

If you are considering admissions for entry at 11+ we recommend visiting the school at least a year before entry.  Prospective pupils who wish to join us in Year 7 need to have registered for a place and paid their fee in the autumn term when they are in Year 6. This is because entry list closes at the end of the autumn term so we can begin the selection process. Only children registered for a place will be invited for assessment.


Maida Vale School Open Morning Dates

Thursday 19th September Book
Saturday 5th October Book
Thursday 17th October Book
Thursday 7th November Book
Thursday 28th November Book
Thursday 16th January Book
Thursday 30th January Book
Thursday 1st May Book
Thursday 5th June Book

Admissions Process Step By Step


Open Mornings give prospective parents a chance to see the school in action and get a snapshot of a ‘day in the life’ of Maida Vale School. Parents are welcome to bring their children. After coffee and biscuits the Headmaster Magnus Bashaarat, Deputy Head Academic Nicki Ridley and Senior Deputy Head Toby Fisher give a presentation overview of the school and key admissions dates. This is then followed by a tour of the school with one of our pupils. They will be able to answers questions and give a personal view of the school. Tours end in the Independent Learning Centre where the Headmaster and staff are on hand to answer any more questions.

If you are unable to attend an Open Morning then Private Tours can be arranged by the Admissions Registrar.


After attending an Open Morning or a Private Tour, if you think, and we hope you will, that Maida Vale School is the right place for your child for entry at 11+ then you will need to register for a place. Registrations can be taken at any time in advance. However, for students joining Year 7 registrations should be completed no later than November the year before, when the child is in Year 6.


All prospective students take literacy and numeracy tests and are interviewed by either the Headmaster or Senior Staff. The interview, often held in groups of two or three, is a chance for pupils to talk on a subject they are passionate about. They should prepare for a presentation with the Headmaster or senior staff member in advance.


At the beginning of the year all prep/primary school references, maths and literacy test results and interview feed back is collated and places are offered. All parents and students who have been successful are then invited to an Offer Holders Event at Maida Vale School. This is a more relaxed social event with a drinks reception and fun activities for children. It is another another opportunity to meet staff and pupils and as well as some of the other offer holders in your child’s year.


On receipt of an offer, in order to confirm your child’s place at Maida Vale School, it is necessary to pay a deposit within 30 days –  exceptions can be made.


We recognise that changing schools can be an exciting time but for some it can be a little anxious. We aim to make the move as smooth as possible by offering our new cohort a whole day to get to know each other before they join in September. This is an important first step for any child joining Maida Vale School.