We have attempted to answer some of the more frequently asked questions. If however you can not find the answer to a particular question you are always welcome to contact admissions@maidavaleschool.com

Welcome to Maida Vale’s “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) page. Please find below some of the more regular questions we receive.

Outside of school lessons, what time can pupils come in to school and leave at the end of the day?

Pupils can arrive from 7.30am and buy breakfast, attend an early club or relax before lessons begin at 8.30am. After school, pupils finish their main lessons at 4.00pm and have the choice to go home, attend an enrichment session, use the library or drop-in to Prep club (Monday to Thursdays) up until 6.00pm.

Can my child bring in a packed lunch?

We do not allow packed lunches to be brought into school. We provide a nutritional and healthy two course lunch during the school day (cooked in house) which includes a hot meal with the option to eat from our fantastic salad bar. Fruit and yogurts are also on offer. Vegetarian options are also available and special dietary requirements can be arranged.

Communal lunch is a key element of the school day and the school does not provide facilities for packed lunches. We are a NUT FREE school. Lunch costs are outlined on our fees page.

How do Pupils purchase snacks and sundries?

The school operates a contactless payment system. For pupils to pay for breaktime snacks, lost books and other sundries they will require a payment card which is akin to a debit card.

If pupils have their own bank account they may be able to request a payment card. If not, there are various options available such as GoHenry, Nimbi and RoosterMoney which are prepaid payment cards designed with children in mind. Most of these offer facilities to manage the payment card, which include setting spending limits, deciding where the card can be used, and receiving instant spend notifications.

Apart from purchasing school uniform, what else do I need to provide my child with before starting school?

Pupils will need a laptop, a comfortable school backpack of their choice to fit an A4 lever arch file in (the school will provide all standard files and exercise books) and a pencil case with basic stationery to use. A sports bag of their choice will also be required to carry their PE kit in.

Do you provide music instrumental tuition?

Maida Vale School provides superb music spaces for instrumental tuition on a range of musical instruments during the school day and after school. Tuition is delivered by freelance instrumental tutors approved by the school and costs per lesson vary dependent on whether lessons are group or individual and on the instrument involved. Instrumental tutors will invoice parents direct for the costs of such tuition. Pupils not having tuition have a range of fantastic music clubs to choose from such as Jazz Club, Choir ensembles and Rock Band Club, which are usually included in the core fees.

How much is your Registration Fee?

A registration fee of £150 is payable, which is non-returnable. A registration fee does not guarantee your child a place at Maida Vale School but all students will be invited for interview.

How much is your school’s deposit and when is this returned to us?

A deposit of £3,000 is payable on acceptance. This deposit payment is retained until the student comes to the end of their school journey, (e.g. at the end of Year 13 or if they leave the school at an earlier stage). The deposit is thereafter returnable provided we are given a full term’s notice. If you do not take up your place following your acceptance, the deposit is not refundable. This deposit is required from all applicants including Kew Green Preparatory School and Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School (our preparatory schools) pupils.

How much are the Fees and how does payment work?

Fees are payable termly in advance, or monthly by direct debit. There are 3 terms per year; Autumn, Spring & Summer. The Directors reserve the right to review or alter fees at a term’s notice. The current academic years fee can be found here on our Fees Page Please be advised that late payment will incur charges.

Are there any discounts for siblings?

We do not offer any sibling discounts on fees.

How much notice do I have to give if my child leaves?

A full term’s notice is required (by the final teaching day of your child’s penultimate term at the school), in writing to the Headmaster and Registrar, for the withdrawal of a pupil or a term’s fee will be charged in lieu of notice.  If a term’s notice is not given, the deposit will not be returned.

What other costs do we need to be aware of?

Educational visits are additional to any school fees, unless it is a free event. Where pupils are involved in a school trip involving additional costs such as out of area transport etc, the cost for the activity or admission will be outlined to parents in advance in order that a decision can be made by the parent whether or not they wish for their child to participate.

Does the school provide insurance policies?

Like all Independent schools, Maida Vale School has comprehensive operational insurance. Parents are asked to ensure that valuables such as musical instruments are included in their household policy. Parents wishing to take out additional personal accident insurance or school fees insurance are advised to make their own arrangements.

What is the support for SEN at Maida Vale School?

The term ‘Special Educational Needs’ (SEN) encompasses those children who find academic work more challenging, as well as children who might be identified as ‘Gifted or Talented’ in certain areas of the curriculum. There are, of course, individuals who need support in some academic areas but are gifted and talented in others.

Maida Vale School’s Learning Support Department works closely with pastoral and tutorial staff to identify needs at an early stage and provide the support required to enable each Pupil to thrive within the curriculum. Teachers trained in SEN will work with Pupils internally but, where appropriate, parents may be referred to external agencies for further support.

How are individuals identified?

As a department, we work by observing children first, then deciding what interventions they might need; we never assume. We will study educational psychologists’ reports if Pupils arrive with one, or recommend one is done if needed. Class sizes are a maximum of 22 and often the classes for the learners who need additional support are of 8-10.

What should I do before I apply?

Before you apply to Maida Vale School, it is recommended that you attend an open day and experience a tour of the school. It is not necessary to meet with the SENCo at this point. At the point of registration, please ensure that you attach all supporting documentation such as recent educational psychologist reports or EHCPs with your application. Only once your child has a place, will it be possible to meet with the SEN team.