Creative Writing Collection 2024

2023 to 2024 our pupils have written  – stories, poems and essays as the English Department at Maida Vale School teaches its students become storytellers.

Writing creatively develops self-expression, imagination and empathy. It broadens vocabulary as you search for the ‘mot juste’ or perfect phrase to express your idea. Through the regular practice creative writing improves cognitive ability, insight and understanding in to characters and their motivations, descriptive skills, grammar and spelling.  It encourages students to think about emotions they may never have experienced and to write imaginatively about people, places and things that do not even exist. Perhaps best of all it provides an escape from the structure and stricture of the English curriculum.

Developing a narrative arch be it a short story, poetry or even an essay requires careful planning and plotting before the pen hits the paper. Our storytellers have each created something fresh, engaging and thoughtful to read the work from this year’s collection click the button.



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