Studying science requires systematic, organised thinking and skills. It is a subject where students learn not just facts and figures but how to test these theories through experimentation. At Maida Vale School Biology, Chemistry and Physics are all taught in their own dedicated laboratory space by subject specialists. We also benefit from an on site lab technician to support learning through regular practical work.

The bright and colourful laboratories at Maida Vale School have everything the young scientist needs. Our subject specialist teachers are enthusiastic advocates for their subject, thinking of many ways to bring science to life. It is a popular subject choice and one where there is plenty of opportunity to learn beyond the curriculum with trips and visits from specialist guest speakers including the Royal Institution and Imperial University lecturers.

GCSE Science

As a core subject, all Pupils at Maida Vale School study Science at GCSE. Pupils will follow the Edexcel suite of science GCSEs. There are two possibilities for entry in GCSE Science: Separate Sciences (also known as Triple Award) or Combined Science (also known as Double Award). Both are tiered, with Higher (Grades 9-4) and Foundation (Grades 5-1) levels.

Triple Science

Edexcel GCSE Biology (1BI0), Chemistry (1CH0) and Physics (1PH0)

Triple Award Science treats each of the 3 Sciences individually. All exams are independent of each other and 3 GCSEs will be awarded. Triple science contains the same content as Combined (Double) Science, but has additional content. Pupils sit six exam papers in total – 2 for in each science. Each exam lasts an 1 hour 45 minutes. There is no coursework, but there are experiments which must be completed as they will be referred to in the exams.

Combined (Double) Science

Edexcel GCSE Combined Science (Double Award) (1SC0)

Pupils are awarded two GCSEs, with standard grades up to 9.  The course content is split equally between biology, chemistry and physics Biology, Chemistry and Physics are each taught separately by subject specialist teachers. Pupils sit a total of six 1 hour 10 minute exams, two per subject, and are equally weighted when it comes to marks. Combined Science has a Higher tier, graded 9-4, and a Foundation tier, graded 5-1. The Higher and Foundation tiers are available for Combined Science. The Higher tier is graded 1-9 while the Foundation tier is graded 1-5. There is no coursework in Combined Science, but there are a specific set of experiments that Pupils must complete. Pupils with Double Science GCSEs are able to attain up to grade 9 and can go on and study individual science courses at A Level.

Science Enrichment