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Indoor Garden Party – tea in the ILC

In the midst of a rather wet British summer a group of our sixth form students from the Food, Nutrition, and Hospitality department brought some summer warmth to a wet Thursday afternoon as they showcased their exceptional culinary talents by hosting a grand tea party for staff. This event took place in their well-equipped Independent Learning Centre, transformed for the occasion into an elegant summer retreat.

The students had meticulously planned and prepared every detail, demonstrating their comprehensive skills in baking, preparing, and event hosting. The cooking was all done on site in our Food and Technology Kitchen.

The center piece of the tea party was an array of deliciously light and airy Victoria sponge cakes, sandwiches and scones. These classic British treats were a testament to the students’ baking skills, each one perfectly risen and beautifully decorated with fresh strawberries and a dusting of powdered sugar. The table was also decorated with seasonal British summer flowers – astrantia, nepeta and alchemilla mollis.

Equally impressive were the scones, which the students had prepared in advance as they were hosting a large group.

The tea party was more than just a culinary showcase; it was a well-coordinated event that highlighted the students’ planning and hosting abilities.

Overall, the summer tea party was a resounding success, reflecting the high level of skill and enthusiasm among the sixth form students. It was a memorable occasion that not only celebrated the seasonal fruits of the season but also demonstrated the students’ capability to deliver a professional and enjoyable event


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