We are committed to providing the best pastoral care at Maida Vale School. Although we are ambitions for our students, offering them opportunities to be challenged and succeed, we do this within a supportive and nurturing environment. We are a greenhouse, not a hot house.

Adolescence brings fresh challenges both socially and emotionally. We encourage our students and staff to create a community that is both warm and welcoming. We expect everyone to participate in creating a positive working environment, treating each other with respect and kindness. To support this objective we have a set of important school values.

Maida Vale School Values

  • respect
  • compassion
  • tolerance
  • community
  • responsibility

These values are fundamental to everyday life at Maida Vale School. We use them as guidelines and remind our students regularly of these values and the role they play in creating a positive school environment. We talk about our values in assemblies, lessons and especially during Personal Tutor time.

Our Personal Tutors identify needs at an early stage to provide the support required to enable each pupil to thrive and our Learning Support Department work closely with them.

This combination of insight and understanding, partnered with a supportive community, ensures that issues and concerns can be spotted early and hopefully be resolved more quickly. The school has an in-house counsellor available and a Peer Mentoring Programme; where older children help and advise younger students.

Maida Vale School places a big emphasis on its pastoral care provision and the well-being of pupils. We know that when a pupil is safe, supported, and most importantly happy, they are much more likely to reach their potential academically and in all areas of their school life.

Personal Tutors

Pupils are given a Personal Tutor upon arrival who remains their mentor, sounding board, and guide throughout their time with us, forming the backbone of support for both learning and personal development. Time is allocated for them to meet regularly during the week often before Assembly. However, students and their PTs can arrange to meet any time when needed. For parents and carers, your child’s PT will be the first point of contact for any concerns or issues.

Peer Mentoring

We partner members of our Sixth Form with younger students in the school. The mentor provides support on a one-on-one basis, offering advice and guidance on all sorts of issues from school work to social life. These relationships are beneficial to both parties helping to build resilience and coping skills

Open Door Policy

We welcome parents to the school. They have their own dedicated Parent CafĂ© where they can drop in for a cup of coffee, catch up with friends or meet teachers to discuss their child. We believe that parents and carers should be an active and involved participant in a child’s education.

Our unique collaborative approach, where parents, staff and pupils work together, has the child at its heart. Our smaller class sizes and pastoral care system means every child is known to us individually.