Computer Science

Testing VEX Robots

Getting to build your own robot is one thing but then coding it so that it actually does what you want is quite another challenge but one that our Coding Club have risen to admirably.

Students in years 8 and 9 have been working tremendously hard on an ambitious programme to build their own robot; including coding the design for autonomous use – let us hope we do not have a Skynet situation on our hands! They will be able to compete in the ‘Full Volume’ VEX-IQ competition events next term as they develop and upgrade their robot’s capabilities. These students must work and assume the roles of a design engineering team; having to deal with strategy, building, coding, driving and design. This term, students have completed and tested their first prototype in a real VEX-IQ ‘arena’ to best replicate the conditions of competition. They are well on their way to making considered upgrades to the design and improving their robot’s autonomous mode – again, fingers crossed it does not become too autonomous – as well as improving their driving skills. Next term, we expect these students will need to work with other schools in the VEX-IQ competitions, as competition scores will be the result of collaboration between two different teams. Let us hope they can qualify for regional competitions!


It has to drive across the table, pick up a block and then drop it off in a specific position, it is much harder than it looks.

Coder, Year 8


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