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Harry Potter Studio Workshop

As part of their Design Technology and Computer Science enrichment Year 9 and 10 took a trip out to the Warner Brothers Studio to see the Harry Potter set.

A film studio is an fascinating opportunity to see first hand to the integration of computer modelling and set design. To understand how ideas become reality and the limitations in the physical world need to be worked through thoroughly before starting to build a film set.

This term, Year 9 and 10 students from Design & Technology and Computer Science visited Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden – and the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Leavesden is a working film studio, whose recent projects include Timothée Chalamet’s Wonka, a feat of immersive set-building and visual effects, bested only by the Glasgow Willy Wonka experience… The students were very fortunate to enjoy a visit beyond the public exhibition and see how sets and props are designed, built and animated. Students undertook an educational experience with professionals from the studio and were able to interact directly with the design process of turning a book/script into a film. This included an emphasis on practical special effects and visual effects. Students were able to experiment with some production design and engage with conceptualizing the ‘set design’ experience. And, of course, the students were then let loose to take a look around the studio itself, taking in the real design of the Harry Potter films, with access to sets, costumes, props as well as animated features and visual effects. The pupils were able to see first-hand, the design process from conceptual art, through prototyping and ‘white’ modelling to the completed sets, camera angles, and scene development. A genuinely rich and engaging experience for all.

I really enjoyed the set design workshop and the opportunity to think about how I would have done it.

Dylan, Year 9


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