American Style Science Fair

An American style Science Fair saw our inventive scientists from Year 7-8 produce some fascinating stands on subjects as wide ranging as solar eclipses and colour changing animals.

Friday afternoon saw our standout pupils leading the Science Fair. Year 7 and 8 pupils have been working very hard indeed, investigating their independent projects and preparing their presentations. We did not prescribe any particular areas of study, the pupils had, as it were, free rein to research absolutely anything that interests them, no matter (within reason) how wacky. We saw projects on the Space-Time Continuum, the Olfactory system (sense of smell), Ecosystems, Organs and one pupil even presented on feline emotions!

It was lovely to hear the pupils speak about their hard work, on topics about which it was obvious that they were genuinely passionate – we are hugely proud of all those students who participated. It was a real pleasure to see so many parents wondering around, we hope they had a nice time, and perhaps, maybe… even learned something

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