The study of Latin has been, and will continue to be a valuable component in a well-rounded education. Latin is a highly regarded subject, providing insight into the origins of English, French, Spanish and Italian. By studying the Latin language, pupils improve their understanding of grammatical principles and develop their literacy, logic and problem-solving skills.

All MVS students are taught Latin & Roman History in Year 7 & 8, they then have the option of continuing Latin to GCSE in Year 9.

Latin GCSE

Latin GCSE offers pupils a window into the past through the study of the language, literature and culture of the Romans.

Paper 1 – Latin Language (50%) Paper 1 assesses students’ capacity to translate Latin, it contains a mixture of passages for full translation, partial translation and reading comprehension style questions.
Paper 2 – Latin Literature (30%) Paper 2 assesses students’ knowledge of the set texts they have studied; their ability to interpret and appreciate Latin in its cultural context. The set texts are drawn from canonic Latin authors such as Ovid, Cicero and Catullus. The texts vary year on year but are based around a theme, e.g. Love & Marriage or Magic & Superstition. At MVS, the current Paper 2 option, until 2026, is Love & Marriage, which includes reading about marital affairs, different relationships and unrequited love in Latin prose and poetry.
Paper 3 – Roman Civilisation (20%) Paper 3 assesses students’ knowledge of a particular aspect of Roman Culture; their ability to analyse and respond to source material and evaluate evidence. Several topics are available such Life in a Roman Town or Roman Britain. At MVS, the current Paper 3 option, until 2026, is Roman Family Life, which includes learning about and examining sources related Roman education, religion, childhood and society.