The Royal Institute Lectures

As part of a whole week of science at Maida Vale School The Royal Institute, famous for their Christmas Lecture Series, gave our students an entertaining and fascinating look at how bacteria and viruses spread.

Bitish Science Week in style here at MVS. We kicked off the week on Monday with a visit from the esteemed Royal Institution, renowned for their Christmas lectures whose tickets sell out at a rate that would make Glastonbury blush. Zofia, the Ri’s visiting speaker, delivered an interactive lecture entitled ‘Super Cells’, covering the operations of pathogens as they spread throughout the body and what the immune system can do to fight back. We were very impressed by Zofia’s presentation and her imaginative means of demonstrating cellular operations on a large scale. For example, as pictured above, Zofia demonstrates using bubbles how viruses, having replicated themselves inside of a host cell, burst out and spread across the body. She used a needle popping a balloon to show how our white blood cells destroy virus cells. She used invisible ink to show how some bacteria can hide from the body’s immune system, causing white blood cells to miss them, or worse target their the body’s own cells mistakenly.  The shows were thoroughly engaging and presented the pupils with plenty of opportunities to get up on stage and learn through practical demonstrations.

I liked getting up on stage and bursting the bubbles with the ultra violet goggles on.

Dan, Year 9


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