Sixth Form Overview

Maida Vale Sixth Form opened in 2023. The purpose of our Sixth Form is a ‘World Ready Education’ where our students leave us with the right skills, credentials and qualifications to pursue their next step – either higher eduction or the workplace. They are given more independence and responsibility to manage their work, study and homework and have dedicated space in the school called the Independent Learning Centre.

Pastoral Care

Sixth Formers have specific pastoral needs and we provide comprehensive, realistic, practical and in-depth support that enables students to navigate the potential pressures of their later teenage years. The Personal Tutor’s role is also crucial at this stage. The school is a community where each individual is encouraged to take responsibility for the well-being of the whole.

University Advisory

Admission to the best universities and the most demanding courses in the country requires more than high grades alone. From Year 11 each pupil is assigned a dedicated University Advisor, a specialist in either: a particular subject field, certain type of UK universities or for overseas applications. We guide our students throughout the UCAS process. As a part of the Gardener Schools Group, we can draw on the resources and knowledge of other schools in the group, should we be unable to provide something ourselves.

University and Careers Advice

We provide students with maximum exposure to careers related experiences in Year 12. Maida Vale School, again via the Gardener Schools Group, has access to London based organisations including businesses, community groups, arts foundations, scientific institutes and museums. A two week work experience placement in Year 12, helps our Sixth Form students make informed decisions about their future. We give careers advice and guidance in our one-to-one tutorials and invite external speakers from universities, businesses and industry to offer more specific knowledge and insight.

Independent Learning Center

The Maida Vale Sixth Form have their own personal space, the Independent Learning Centre (ILC). This is a first step towards approaching adulthood as they begin to take control and ownership of their education. It is an attractive environment with its own Sixth Form Café, a well stocked library, social break-out spaces and quiet study areas. A rooftop deck for social and academic purposes is planned.

The Extended Project – EPQ

All students are encouraged to complete an extended study project. Here they learn to apply the independent learning skills they are being taught to an area of research and investigation of their own choice. The EPQ can be used towards university admissions, counting as half an A-Level.

Community Engagement

Our enrichment program is designed so that our students will be successful applicants who can stand out in a crowd. Our ‘Individuals in Society’ course produces engaged young adults, preparing them for the real world with seminars on body language, emotional intelligence, nutrition and personal finance. The Duke of Edinburgh Award offers valuable life experiences benefiting our students now and as future undergraduates or employees.